About Us

Cranberry Overseas Education Consultants was founded with the promise of providing the most efficient and effective counselling services. We treat each student’s career/future with utmost care and realize that a student’s Education is the prime foundation for his/her career which creates a secure platform to achieve their dreams. We have excellent and competent techniques to assess as well as boost student’s ability and caliber. We believe in hitting the bull’s eye every time by making sure that the students get the right courses in the right universities based on their preferences.

Today the world has grown beyond national boundaries. Education and opportunities have become a global need. International Education not only opens various avenues for students but also brings immense exposure and diversified cultural understanding which is adding a value to the academic chart of their careers. Cranberry moves along with the needs of the changing times and thus works accordingly to give full support to students.

Education is endless and leaning never ceases. So Cranberry Overseas makes sure that everyone can share the power of intellect and knowledge. The focus is not just to impart knowledge but to ensure that it’s accessible and amicable. The varied and diverse courses provide the students a wide range of choices which will help them to make a sound decision, as Education involves both passion and dedication.

We specialize in providing Educational information about the institutions/colleges/universities spread all across the world. The institutions which have established themselves as reputed brands and able to provide the best quality education, with well organized facilities are associated with us. Thus we aim to make significant contribution to the student’s educational chart.

We deliver the precise and accurate information on the spot which has always proved to be reliable. We act as a strong channel with core aim to give unsurpassed and paramount opportunities in the Education industry.

We wish to continue to provide this quality service in this endeavor successfully as our target is the youth of today who hold a holistic view towards cutting edge competition.

Vision / Mission:

Our prime aim is to promote Overseas Education in India, with the help of esteemed and reputed Universities of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and Europe.